Gardening is fun!

After you have spent the autumn clearing up leaves and doing a general tidy up, now is the time to do a final tidy up in the garden before planting out new crops and seeds.  As spring approaches, you start to see green shoots of daffodils and tulips showing their heads, making the garden look more alive. Gardening is very dependent on the weather, and some sites offer a gardening calendar to help you decide the right time to do what. As soon as the sun comes out we start to look for the tools which have been packed away for the winter.  You can enjoy the occasional day in the garden making sure that weeds have not strangled your favourite plants  and checking how they have fared over the winter.

Part of the fun of gardening is deciding where to put plants for best effect and selecting new plants for the garden. You may want to plant vegetables as well as flowers, but it will depend on the space you have available. The garden centres will start to stock cuttings and plants which you can introduce to your garden. Gardening can be a family activity, and it is fun to get the kids planting the vegetable seed and learning how to nurture them to growth.  It gives them an idea of where vegetables come from and that they are not just bought from the supermarket. You can help the kids develop an interest in gardening which will also teach them about the environment as well as how things grow.  Getting them to help out in the garden will help supplement their classroom science lessons.

As well as being fun, gardening is good exercise. Getting out in the fresh air after a long winter indoors is great therapy.  Preparing the ground for your new plants requires a lot of bending and squatting down which will redevelop the muscles you had forgotten you had.  Generally walking around in the garden and pushing the wheelbarrow will strengthen your shoulder muscles and back.  Take care not to overdo it though!

The fun of seeing the fruits of your labour develop over the weeks and months of gardening is very rewarding for both you and the kids. If you have planted mainly vegetables and salad, you will be able to enjoy fresh produce from the garden on an almost daily basis. If your garden is a flower garden, you will be able to admire their colours as they bloom at different times throughout the summer. You do not have to be a professional to enjoy gardening.

Many amateurs and novices take a great pride in their gardens, and with so many television programmes and general advice about gardening, anyone who has a piece of land can have a productive attractive garden with a little effort and a lot of fun. Making it a family activity will add to the enjoyment.

If gardening really isn’t for you, you could always employ the services of Gardeners in Leeds to do the work for you. A Landscape Gardener Bristol can offer comprehensive design services and may even offer maintenance services too.

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