Modern Ideas in Landscape Gardening

One of the benefits of using a modern Landscape Gardener Sheffield is the wealth of ideas that he or she will bring to the changes you are considering. Modern garden designs, especially, in small and medium sized gardens, strive to make the garden an integral part of the home. This does not mean discarding or ignoring more traditional plants, but rather using them in conjunction with new ideas and structures.

Bold sculpture, water features, planters and pots, all can be integrated into the colour and freshness of plants and shrubs to create a living, breathing area of your home.

The interaction between the basic elements is the key a successful modern landscape garden design. Separate areas of the plot must flow together and must invite a person to explore, pulling the eye forward rather than excluding them from the rest of the garden.

Perhaps surprisingly to some, lawn areas are not an essential feature in a landscaped garden. The use of pebbles or gravel to surround seating or areas of decking can give a visually attractive and very low maintenance area.

This type of contemporary garden design needs to use all available light and natural light is sometimes insufficient. There maybe just too much shade, or the space may be used at night. In many such areas modern outdoor lighting can be used to give colour and shape, which can play an important role in the overall design.

As well as providing an interesting element to the design, small spotlights around decking and doorways can be helpful at night or in poor weather.

Whether using natural or artificial light, the materials used in garden structures or sculptures must be very carefully chosen. The stone statues of earlier times, which were such a feature of major English gardens, have been replaced with objects with smoother and subtler lines. For example, using reflective materials such as highly polished stainless steel in conjunction with light absorbing, non-reflective materials can change the way colours are perceived. In this way different moods can be created within a small part of the plot.

Garden plants are actually not the centres of attraction in contemporary garden landscaping design, although they do form a critical part of the overall colour and fabric of the new landscape. Great care must be taken to find both colourful flora for some areas and other plants and shrubs that provide a backdrop for other elements of the design.

Although many people love to spend time pottering in the garden, the modern landscape design tends to focus on components that require little maintenance. The use of slow growing shrubs, inorganic elements such as the gravel, steel or decked areas require virtually no attention. A selection of flowering plants, ideally perennials, also leaves little for the homeowner to do. This detailed design concept by Gardeners in Manchester permits the garden to be used as intended, as a restful place to find peace, relax and repair any damage caused by the stresses that the modern world imposes.

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